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Wholesalers and Affiliates

Wholesale Opportunities

Pearly Whites was started in 2015 by two young Geelong entrepreneurs who wanted to give the everyday person the confidence of a whiter, brighter smile from the comfort of their own home - saving them money on a similar treatment in a dentist chair.

The Pearly Whites range is extensive and we use nothing but high quality ingredients - the same formulas used by dentists but at a fraction of the price. Our treatments are easy, pain-free and our whitening formula is 18% carbamide peroxide (CP) - the highest percentage legally allowed for teeth whitening in Australia.

Our easy to use teeth whitening kits and pens use 18% CP whitening gel, the same percentage used by most Australian dentists. Unlike a lot of whitening kits on the market, Pearly Whites uses only the highest quality whitening formula and premium accessories that together create the ideal product for our customers.

Pearly Whites offer a range of at-home products, all of which are designed to offer a safe and simple way to brighten your smile. This includes two kits: a Starter Pack and a Professional Kit as well as Best Friends option that includes two Professional Kits at a discounted price. We also offer gel refills, replacement accessories such as LED lights and mouldable mouth guards, and teeth whitening pens for touch ups. Finally, Pearly Whites offers an innovative, peroxide free product: activated charcoal and coconut oil whitening strips.

Pearly Whites is proud to be Australia's number 1 choice for at-home teeth whitening with a reputation for amazing results and impeccable customer support for wholesalers and their customers.

For all wholesale enquiries please send an email to us with the following:

  • Business Name
  • A little about yourself & your business
  • Quantity of stock required
  • Contact details

We will review the details and respond to you as soon as possible.


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Affiliate Opportunities

Pearly Whites has just opened up its affiliate program and we are accepting applications from select online publishers. Please note that this program is limited to high profile publishers, groups and programs with significant readership or membership.

For all affiliate enquiries please send an email to us with the following:

  • Website/Group/Program name
  • A little about the website/group/program
  • Readership/membership details (number of monthly views, active members, etc…)
  • Website and contact information

We will review the details and respond to you as soon as possible.


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