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Teeth Whitening Reviews - Pearly Whites Australia Kits & Strips

Read real opinions and comments from Pearly Whites teeth whitening customers.
Have a look at our customers’ beautiful white smiles in their before and after photos and you will see why Pearly Whites teeth whitening products are so popular. Tens of thousands of people worldwide have used our DIY home teeth whitening products and here are some of them sharing photos, impressions and comments.
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As if these awesome before and after photos - and the rave reviews on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest - weren’t enough --- check out just a tiny sample of the positive feedback we’ve received from verified customers.

on Dec 19, 2016

Quick service amp, easy to follow instructions

Such easy steps to follow. After first usage it is a quick process to fill the guards with the gel and start the whitening process.

on Dec 17, 2016

This kit is the bomb

I got this on a whim to give it a try and so glad I did! Teeth definitely were brighter after two applications, and I intersperse my gel treatment with the charcoal strips!

on Dec 13, 2016


Finally something that doesn't cause sensitivity to my teeth. Love these strips. Easy to use and my teeth already look whiter after a few uses. Yay!

on Dec 08, 2016

Professional Teeth Whitening System

After 4 weeks definitely noticed a change, worth its price and would definitely reccommend

on Dec 04, 2016

very happy

Ive been very happy with the results from this product. and have recommended this product the people who have commented on my teeth.

on Nov 29, 2016

Happy customer

Instructions easy to follow, pearly white case looks fantastic, love the foam insert to store items as I travel. First time use was very straight foward and I was surprised to see the results were as marketed which is honestly a first in my case. Will continue to use, thank you for bringing confidence back into my smile!!

on Nov 23, 2016

Loved it!

Results after 3 time's using!

on Oct 20, 2016


I have very sensitive teeth, even having a bit of ice cream touch my teeth causes too much pain. So I was a bit skeptical at first and even a bit worried. The first time I used pearly whites, I was hit with the most immense pain I've felt in my life- it honestly felt like my teeth had broken. But after figuring out that that is what the blue syringe is for I haven't had a single problem! A little dot of blue on the back side of my front teeth and I'm good to go! 45 minutes later and my teeth look amazing. I've been using pearly whites for 6 months now and the results are absolutely breathtaking! :grin:

on Oct 20, 2016

Pretty Happy

I was surprised at how quickly my teeth whitened! You do have to try to avoid food/drinks that may stain your teeth and I definitely don't do it as regularly as I probably should, but it does work. Packaging was beautiful, although one thing I would say to people is to submerge the moulds in the hot water for a bit longer than 5 seconds (as suggested in the demonstration video). I'm a bit impatient and don't use it for the full 40 minutes, but it still gets results.

on Oct 16, 2016

I thought my teeth were

I thought my teeth were pretty white but as soon as I used Pearly whites I noticed a difference straight away!! It was amazing, I am definitely using this product time and again

on Oct 03, 2016

Pearly whites for wedding

Amazing product. Within 2weeks of using pearly whites, my teeth lightened up. It was justin time for my wedding. I use it at least twice a week then everyday express pen twine daily. Highly recommended product.

on Sep 30, 2016

Good result

My teeth is now 2 shade whiter.

on Sep 28, 2016

Would recommend to everyone

I've only used it a couple of times but can definitely tell the difference already. Couldn't wait to go whiter. Great value for money to share with a friend

on Sep 27, 2016

New Zealand

So far results are great. Delivery was faultless.

on Sep 15, 2016


This item is great, I could see a change after the first application and I can't wait to use it again. I love the value for money with the best friends pack, and I gave the other pack to my mother as an early Christmas present.

on Sep 12, 2016


Overall experience for me and my partner were amazing we started doing twice a day first couple of days then went to once a day as the result were amazing and my partner being a smoker wow his teeth are now white only took a couple of days to come from Australia so thank you pearly whites highly recommend best friend pack great value for money

on Aug 25, 2016

Whiter teeth really fast

Absolutely love, quick and easy to use for perfectly white teeth :grinning:

on Aug 16, 2016

Make a fantasic smile

:)) Omg . i used to it 3 times for week . Amazing ! Now i feel confident with a white teeth . I'm a cashier in Asjan Shop . I alway smile with to customer .

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