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Are They Scared of Your Costume or Your Teeth?

A question we ask ourselves, usually a week after the Halloween sugar rush has subsided, is what damage have I done to my teeth? With such a huge increase in lolly consumption by kids and parents alike, coupled with the colossal spike in coffee intake as those aforementioned parents anxiously await their little ghouls and goblins’ safe return, the holiday season can truly be murder on the enamel.
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Melbourne Cup Style Tips for Men

Stay Ahead of the Pack with These Melbourne Cup Style Tips

The Melbourne Cup is right around the corner - a prestigious horse race with a tradition dating back to 1861. And like the race’s rich history, the storied sporting competition also has its fair share of traditions in regard to men’s fashion.  For guys hoping to make this a casual affair, you might want to sit this one out. Whether you’ve got a prime seat at the Flemington Racecourse or you’re planning to attend a Melbourne Cup party, it’s time to turn your style up a notch.

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Melbourne Cup Fashion: What's On Trend for 2019

Fabulous frocks, fascinators, hats and hairstyles for 2019 Melbourne Cup Day

With the racing season and Melbourne Cup fast approaching, the race begins to find your best ensemble for the day, whether it is to be spent on the field, at a party you or someone else is hosting, or at a work function on the big day.

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What Does Sugar do to Your Teeth?

How Bad is Sugar for Your Teeth?

Do you know what sugar does to your teeth? A new national campaign called SugarByHalf was recently launched in Australia by a group of health experts, doctors, celebrities and scientists who want to raise awareness of how bad sugar is for our teeth and how avoiding extra usage of sugar can improve our overall  health.

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Why Your Breath Stinks & How to Fix It

Okay, you’ve got bad breath. It’s a bit embarrassing, but it’s not the end of the world… After all, everybody gets bad breath from time to time. But you’re sick of talking to friends while trying to mask your breath with mints or gum. And you’re petrified of meeting strangers. Oh, and dating is out of the question entirely. If you find yourself exhaling as lightly as possible just to keep the smell of your breath from wafting into the nose of a passerby, it’s time to make a change. Here’s why your breath stinks, and how to fix it (as presented by Pearly Whites Australia, your source for the best professional at-home teeth whitening kit on the market):

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