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World Toothache Day 9th of February

Yes World Toothache Day does exist, and while it seems like an oxymoron, every February 9th, the world ‘celebrates’ Toothache Day. While having a painful toothache is no reason to throw a party, below we look at the reasons why and how the day originated.

How Did Toothache Day Become a Holiday?

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Valentine's Day Beauty Prep

Whether it’s going out with the single ladies, meeting up with a new love interest, or spending the evening with your long term partner, Valentine’s Day is one of those magical nights on the social calendar and there’s always the chance for romance!

Getting prepped for any last minute date offers or singletons party with the #girlsquad is yet another reason to get that beauty regime into gear. Even if it’s just updating your day-to-day routine with a few new products for the summer, it’s time to add new life to your morning schedule and get yourself ready for February love.

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Can the Colour of Your Teeth Really Affect Your Destiny?!

How much does having white teeth really affect your life? The answer is more than you might initially think or even believe. There are many different social and cultural perceptions that surround tooth colour. The colour of your teeth can have a huge effect on many different aspects of your life, including your psychological health, interaction with others, love life, and personal or professional advancement.
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Gifts for the Narcissist in Your Life

We all know it’s difficult to buy a gift for the person who seems to have everything, but it can also be difficult to buy a gift for the person who thinks they are everything. If you’ve got a narcissist on your Christmas gift list and you don’t know where to turn, we’ve rounded up some gift ideas that are sure to please without breaking the bank.
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Is Whiter Teeth Top of Your Wish List?

We all have little mental beauty wish lists. You know, just a few things about our appearance that we’d like to update if we ever had the time or money to actually spend on them. A major wish list item for a lot of people is whiter teeth, and we bet that it’s pretty high on your list too. Why put it off? Getting stunning, white teeth is actually a whole lot easier than you probably think. Here are a few ways you can score whiter teeth and check off that wish list item in just a few days.
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