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10 Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Smile

Your teeth are yellow, brown, broken, or non-existent. Your breath is comparable to the odour of a swamp. The last living thing that let you near enough for a kiss was your dog. Your oral hygiene is slipping, and it’s time to make a change. Here are 10 bad habits that are ruining your smile:
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Why Flossing Your Teeth Isn’t Working & What To Do Instead

You hold yourself in high regard when it comes to your oral care. You visit the dentist every six months, you brush twice per day, you use our kits and strips to maintain your Pearly White smile, and you even floss after every meal. But at the end of the day, you still have problems. Your teeth are sensitive. Your gums are raw and wounded. So what gives?

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The Best Foods for Better Teeth

A Pearly White smile exudes confidence. It’s expressive. It’s attractive. I mean, who wants to walk around hiding their smile because of staining? With a few treatments from the Pearly Whites Australia teeth whitening kits, strips and pens you’re sure to turn a yellow-brown frown into a bright white smile. But a healthy smile doesn’t stop there. We encourage Pearly Whites customers to keep their smile pristine with regular cleanings. And we encourage our smiling customers to maintain a Pearly White smile with proper dental care. That’s why we’re taking a moment today to serve up some of the best foods you can build into your diet to keep that happy, healthy smile.

Here are our top picks for tooth-friendly foods:

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Your Teeth, Your Lifestyle

These days, a Pearly White smile says more than a friendly hello. It speaks to who you are. It shows the world that you care for yourself. It shows that you’re healthy. It shows that you’re a glowing, beautiful individual; and that’s important! It’s important for your confidence, and it’s important for your social life. Beyond that, your smile may be crucial in your professional life. Modern studies show that a stellar smile sells; let’s take a look at how you can empower yourself with our professional range of DIY whitening products.
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It All Started With A Smile

When you are seriously looking for a significant other, you generally have a list of qualities that you are hopeful to find. Things like nice, funny, thoughtful, adventurous, and intelligent. Beauty really does radiate from the inside out. However, most relationships begin with attraction.  We all know that moment when you spot an attractive man or women from across the room. You scan them over, taking in their hair, eyes, clothing, and body type. The moment when your eyes meet is the moment of truth. Usually one of two things happens in this moment: The person will either quickly look away, or they will send a smile your way. That smile could make or break whether you want to pursue this romantic prospect. Great dental hygiene will help you close the deal every time.
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