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Your Teeth, Your Lifestyle

These days, a Pearly White smile says more than a friendly hello. It speaks to who you are. It shows the world that you care for yourself. It shows that you’re healthy. It shows that you’re a glowing, beautiful individual; and that’s important! It’s important for your confidence, and it’s important for your social life. Beyond that, your smile may be crucial in your professional life. Modern studies show that a stellar smile sells; let’s take a look at how you can empower yourself with our at-home teeth whitening kit.

Your Pearly White Smile & Your Job

As this PR Newswire article (entitled New Study Shows Whiter Teeth Can Lead to Greater Success in Work and Love) states, a whiter smile may just lead to greater career success. That’s right, a whiter smile exudes value. The Kelton Research study suggests that interviewees with white smiles “were more likely to be hired (58%) and received larger salary offers (53%).” In addition, those with whitened teeth project an appearance of “professional success,” “financial success,” and “trustworthiness.” In short, whitening your teeth might earn you a better job, a higher salary, and a better professional appearance.

A white smile is empowering. It lends you the look you desire. That means confidence. And confidence leads to success. Here at Pearly Whites Australia, we’re all about white smiles. We’re happy to share success stories and we’re ecstatic to empower our customers. Curious about the Pearly Whites Australia's teeth whitening kits? Feel free to peruse our ofrequently asked questions page for all the answers you need; or, if you’d like, take a moment to get in touch with a Pearly Whites representative here! Try out our in-home professional teeth whitening kit today!

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