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Why Your Breath Stinks & How to Fix It

Okay, you’ve got bad breath. It’s a bit embarrassing, but it’s not the end of the world… After all, everybody gets bad breath from time to time. But you’re sick of talking to friends while trying to mask your breath with mints or gum. And you’re petrified of meeting strangers. Oh, and dating is out of the question entirely. If you find yourself exhaling as lightly as possible just to keep the smell of your breath from wafting into the nose of a passerby, it’s time to make a change. Here’s why your breath stinks, and how to fix it (as presented by Pearly Whites Australia, your source for the best professional at-home teeth whitening kit on the market):

Why Your Breath Stinks

Your breath smells like a eggy, musty cavern complimented with a hint of fish. Now what’s the source of that stink? In short, bad breath can be created by three main sources: Bacteria, food, and drink.


Bacteria stinks. It clings to your teeth; it devours food debris in your mouth; and it leaves behind a trail of waste. Now, that’s bound to have an odour. Bacteria are prolific, and it’s difficult to wipe out the entire populace that you’ve housed in your mouth. However, there is a solution. Proper hygiene. More on that in a bit...


There are foul foods out there. If you hate stinky breath, avoid pungent foods (or be sure to chase them with odour-free foods). Garlic and onions top the list as the most well-known sources of stink. Next, there’s fish and spicy foods. Fish simply smells, well, fishy. And spicy foods are packed with sharp flavours and odours that are sure to stick around.


Certain beverages leave your mouth odourous. Avoid coffee - the obvious source of “coffee breath.” And avoid overdoing your alcohol consumption if you’re out on a first date. Both caffeinated and alcoholic drinks may dry out your mouth. Without saliva flowing through the mouth, your dry mouth will turn into a haven for bacteria; and as we already know, bacteria births stink.

How to Fix It

Okay, you’ve identified the source of your stinky breath. But what’s the best way to fix it? It may be as simple as cutting coffee or kicking your addiction to onions. However, if you’re unflinchingly tied to your favourite morning beverage and your favourite salad topper, there are solutions. Keep up on your hygiene; eat the right foods; and drink the right beverages - you’ll notice that your breath is spruicy and fresh.


Step one: Wage war on the bacteria in your mouth. As we mentioned, bacteria is usually the primary source of sour mouth odour. Be sure to floss twice per day (or after every meal). Brush your teeth as often. Invest in a Waterpik® for deep-cleaning between teeth and on the surface of your gums. Follow your dental cleaning session with mouthwash, it’s designed to kill bacteria on contact.


Next, you can mitigate the effects of stinky foods by chasing them with cleansing foods. After a meal of fish and garlic, eating a few carrots or an apple can clear away food debris that’s off-gassing odours. Keep crunchy, crisp fruits and veggies handy, they’re the best foods for clearing out stinky debris. Carrots, celery, apples, and cucumbers are a few favourites.


Finally, keep water handy. Chase every meal with a glass of water, and feel free to swish away food debris. Do the same if you’re drinking a caffeinated or alcoholic beverage. Take note of how much saliva your mouth is producing. If you have dry mouth, it’s time to hydrate. You can also opt for caffeine-free tea or herbal tea if you’re looking for a little flavour while you’re getting enough fluids to get the saliva flowing. Remember, saliva naturally suppresses bacterial growth.

Now you have the tools and the know-how to make your breath minty fresh (or at least not so fishy). Keep up on your dental hygiene, and mould your diet to keep your breath from souring. Take note, if you have yellow, stained teeth, we know how to fix that too! Check out the professional at-home teeth whitening kit from Pearly Whites. Our teeth whitening products provide the power of a professional whitening in the comfort of your home.

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