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Valentine's Day Beauty Prep

Whether it’s going out with the single ladies, meeting up with a new love interest, or spending the evening with your long term partner, Valentine’s Day is one of those magical nights on the social calendar and there’s always the chance for romance!

Getting prepped for any last minute date offers or singletons party with the #girlsquad is yet another reason to get that beauty regime into gear. Even if it’s just updating your day-to-day routine with a few new products for the summer, it’s time to add new life to your morning schedule and get yourself ready for February love.

Valentine’s Nail Ideas

Deep Red Nails

Image: Victoria’s Secrets Do Not Disturb

What colour screams romance more than a deep, sexy red? Nothing! So to really feel the love in the room, a sleek and shiny red shade is bound to add a little chemistry.

Try out Victoria’s Secrets Do Not Disturb deep read nail polish for a romantic style that is always on trend. It’ll be an essential for the nail cabinet so those ‘one time only’ polishes are a thing of the past!

Pretty Pastels

Image: O.P.I.

Pretty pastel shades like pinks, peach and mint greens are going to give off a friendly vibe and show you’re ready for a summer fling! Keep it simple with block colours, or add a little stripe to make the style new. If You Insist and Dulce De Leche shades by O.P.I are ideal for a summery look to be paired with adorable floral patterns and prints.

Sparkles and Patterns

With a twinkle in your eye, there should be a sparkle on your nails, right? A little glitter never hurt anyone, and with so many sparkly nails polishes available after the festive season, picking up a few glittery numbers won’t break the bank and will make you feel ready for a night of fun on the town.

And the best sparkle? Nails Inc Trafalgar Square Polish!

Image: Nails Inc

Don’t forget: In the run up to Valentine’s Day be sure to keep your hands hydrated with a deep hand lotion, and a manicure will strengthen the nails to prevent breakages along the way.

Smooth Skin and Smooth Chat-Up

Sheet Masks

Image: TonyMoly

Sheet masks are all the rage right now, so grab the girls for a night in and get pampering! Sheet masks are not only hilarious for selfies, but they hydrate, soften and tone the skin! Having a good, blemish free base, will help when you add few minimalist make up products on date night. Try I’m Real Sheet Mask by TonyMoly – there’s plenty of flavours to choose from to get your pamper on.


It’s never too late for extra toner. With the summer heat, pores are bound to be a little more relaxed than usual – giving you more chance of dirt to get caught and blemishes to develop! Toner should be an essential in your daily routine, but if it’s not, get toning!

Light Makeup

As the temperatures climb, there’s one thing your skin could do without; a tonne of makeup. So after toning the skin, adding a little coverage of powder and concealer is all you need.

Blotting Papers


It’s summer, it’s hot, it’s natural you’re gonna sweat (or as we like to call it, ‘glow’)! But don’t let that ruin your killer look. Blotting papers – like DHC blotting papers- are a nifty trick for preventing dirt entering the pores and an overly dewy face taking centre stage on your date. Slip them into your bag and blot your face in the restroom whenever you see fit.


Highlight those cheek bones to thin the face and all a little sparkle.

Romance in the Air and Hair

Overnight conditioner

A leave in hair mask or overnight conditioner gives your hair the nutrients it needs to shine bright and stay sleek.

Long and flowy

Leave the locks down for the night and tuck it behind one ear to narrow the face and enhance that jawline. There’s nothing quite like a sassy flick of long, flowing hair to make you feel pretty.

Half up and down

If you and your partner are heading for a night on the town and hitting the posh restaurants and bars, half up-do will be a showstopper: Not too much hassle or forward plan needed, and your hair will still be in good condition the next day.

Don’t forget to stock up on travel-sized hair spray or dry shampoo to keep your look from drooping.

Source: RenewedStyle.com

A Smile to Fall in Love With

Pearly White Smile

One of the most attractive parts of a person is their smile; so be sure to get your teeth whitening regime into gear! Try an at home teeth whitening kit to get you one your way to that perfect pout.

Sweet and Shiny Gloss

Image: Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker

It’s risky business opting for a sticky gloss, but for a true shine that’s flirty and inviting it’s the best option! A clear gloss or a little tinted pink will come in handy with making yourself feel special. Perhaps just don’t go anywhere too windy with your hair down…

Check out Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker shades for a giggle and a gloss to complete your Valentine’s look.

Keeping the Kiss Simple

If you’re not taking any risks and are looking for the perfect movie-style Valentine’s Day, a natural lip liner and matter finish will do you perfectly. Something to outline the lip’s natural shape that will make them look irresistible and good enough to kiss!

Check out this easy Youtube video to find out the best lip liners for your skin tone.

Water, Water Water

The last thing to remember is to drink plenty of water! Sure, this is an all year round thing that should always be the golden rule, but in the Summer time, it’s even more crucial. Dehydration is bound to leave your skin dry and weathered – something you definitely don’t want for your date. I’ll also keep you energised, body healthy and will give you that boost of confidence you deserve.

So whether you have the perfect date already lined up, or plan to stay in and watch some ultra lovey dovey rom coms, go get that movie-style Valentine’s Day!

We can dream…


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