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The Ultimate Wedding Poses

The Ultimate Wedding Poses

In the chaos of getting ready and preparing everything for your Big Day, it’s no surprise you haven’t had a second you to think about your wedding day photos and poses. To help you out, we collected the must-have wedding photos and tricks that will make you look your best on your wedding day!

Our Favourite Photos

The Fancy Dress Shot

Image via bridalguide.com

Play with your dress and let it be the centre of the image in a few photos. There are various ways you can emphasise your gown while keeping things romantic. Showcasing the dress in a romantic photo will look way more natural than any regular “bridal shoot”, where you are just awkwardly smiling in your dress.

The Smile Shot

Image via cosmopolitan.co.uk

We tend to forget about the traditional smiling photo, but trust us, it’s going to be one of the most sentimental pictures in your album when you look back over the years. Both of you smiling and showing off your pearly white teeth will make the image very personal and will represent the happiness you felt that day, without any fancy poses.

The Dance Shot

Image via bridalguide.com

Find an isolated, romantic area where you and your husband can have your very first dance together. An image of you twirling around in your dress while dancing with your husband is a must have picture at every wedding. Don’t forget to smile and enjoy the moment!

The Old Hollywood Glam Shot

Image via weddbook.com

Whether your dress is inspired by the ‘80s retro glam or you decided to go with a modern dress, you should definitely give the Old Hollywood Glam pose a try. These images are romantic and a bit sultry, so they are definitely different from all the “spontaneous”, smiling photos. Embrace your creativity or let your photographer assist you with finding the perfect glam pose, and don’t be afraid to try out various poses until you find the perfect one.

The Not So Perfect Family Shot

Image via elle.co.uk

Forget about the awkward smiles in your family photo! It’s so much more fun to have a family picture that doesn’t always involve the generic “wedding” poses. Get in the middle and gather all your family members for a silly and playful picture, which will probably end up being every family member’s favourite picture.

The Post Ceremony Shot

Image via bridalguide.com

After the ceremony is done, don’t forget to take a picture when the two of you are just having fun and enjoying how well it all went. Relieved from all the stress and messing around, laughing or hugging each other – it will be one of the most unique images from the whole ceremony.

The Shoe Shot

Image via pinterest.com

It’s such a must have, fun wedding pose that focuses on the little details – and it’s the perfect image to show off your unique shoes! A shoe shot will bring something different to your wedding album…it’s a less serious and more colourful photo that embraces the small details.

The Forehead Kiss Shot

Image via pinterest.com

The forehead kiss is just the perfect wedding image. It’s romantic, tender and intimate without being too much, and it’s a flattering pose for both of you.

The Little Details

Paying attention to these aspects while taking pictures will change the pictures right away. Maybe you don’t even think about your arms, legs and angles you pose in, but they can make a huge difference in photos.

Sleek Arms

Sleeveless gowns tend to make your arms look bigger, especially if you are keeping them stiff and close to your body in every photo. While a bit of bronzing oil will make them look toned in a second, keeping your arms slightly away from your body will make your arms and shoulders look sleek.

Lift Up Your Head

We all want to avoid double chins in photos, especially on our wedding photo shoot. To make your neck look longer, lift your head up slightly – besides making any double chin disappear, this angle will also naturally flatter your face.

Other photos you don’t want to miss from your collection

The first looks

Image via aisleperfect.com

Your fiancé’s, family’s and bridesmaids’ first look at your gown will be one of the most honest and sentimental shots in the whole album. This doesn’t require any tricks or poses – keep it raw and honest.

Getting Ready

Image via pinterest.com

Curling your hair, getting your makeup done, trying to get into dress with your mother’s help…these are all the small, nervous moments before the wedding that you will love to look back at.

To help you ensure you and your bridal party are photo ready for the big day we’ve put together a Bridal Party Beauty and Style Tips Guide – from hen parties to wedding rehearsal details – these tips will ensure you and your bridal party to look your best at all the events leading up to, and including the big day. 

Remember, whichever wedding poses you choose, the most important thing is why you are all there to celebrate such a special occasion. You’re finally getting married to the person you love!



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