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Tonight We’re Going To Party Like it’s 2019!

New Year’s Eve parties are the bomb! You get to celebrate the past year while you ring in the promise and excitement of a new one. Everybody wants to show up to their New Year’s Eve party and wow the room. What better way to say that you are ready for the New Year than to be looking your best? Whether you have a kiss lined up for midnight, or you are leaving that option open ended - try these tips to look and feel fabulous!

If You Are Going To A Casual House Party

Most house parties are casual, but you can still take the event as a chance to have a little bit of fun when it comes to your style. Casual doesn't have to mean boring!

Fashion Tips

  • Try some leather leggings  - While skinny jeans are usually the go-to, try something different with a pair of leather leggings. These don’t have to be super sexy, you can pair them with a longer top or layer with something like a kimono.
  • Layer to be prepared - With house parties, you never know if you are going to be outside, inside, or back and forth. Add a bright pashmina or a statement scarf to your look.
  • Wear some cute boots - Boots are comfortable and cute at the same time. They pair great with almost any outfit and will dress up a pair of skinny jeans.

Makeup Tips

The best way to approach your makeup for a house party is to keep it classic. However, do step out of your normal fifteen minute daily routine and put some extra effort into getting pretty!

  • Try this Fierce Cat Eye look from Karima McKimmie.

  • Or, try something different like some of these Huge Eyes tricks from Aly Art.

If You Are Invited To A Semi-Formal Cocktail Party

Going to a semi-formal party means it’s a great time to splurge on a new cocktail dress and pull out all the stops for your makeup look. With a little bit of sparkle, and a lot of sass, you’ll be the hottest one at the party!

Fashion Tips

  • Try something with sparkle - New Year’s Eve calls for some glitz and glamour! Whether it’s your top or your skirt, make your outfit pop and stand out from the rest of the crowd.
  • Go for a little black (or white) dress - The LBD never disappoints. It’s the absolute best because you can dress it up or down with any accessory for the perfect look that you want. Same thing goes for the little white dress, they can be just as fun!
  • Pack a pair of emergency flats - Heels are cute and all, but dancing the night away can really get to your feet. Hide a pair of flats in your purse in case you need to change out of your heels after photos have been taken. It’s really most important that you are comfortable and have fun, and of course be able to dance till dawn!

Makeup Tips

Add some bright colors to accent your face. Especially if you’re going for a LBD or LWD, adding some color accents to your makeup routine is a great idea.

Some ideas are:

If You Are Attending A Black Tie Event

Black tie events don't come around that often. Use the occasion to buy a new gown, try a new lipstick, and play on a more dramatic look that you normally wouldn’t’ wear on day to day basis. Do you have a YouTube tutorial you have been dying to try? For this type of New Year’s Eve party, the sky is the limit!

Fashion Tips

  • Go for the long maxi dress - We all want to feel like a movie star every once in a while. A black tie event is the perfect excuse to get really glamorous. Nothing screams stylish chic more than a long, elegant dress.
  • Add some statement jewelry - Get even fancier by adding some statement jewelry to your look. The shinier the better!

Makeup Tips

Ramp up the makeup. It’s fun to go out of your comfort zone and try something that you normally wouldn’t on a typical day. So go for a bold look!

Some ideas to try:

  • Try this glitzy Rose Gold Glitter eyeshadow tutorial by Anaizav.
  • Get bold with this Classic Red Lip Makeup look by Jaclyn Hill.
  • Add some mystery to your look with Mayra Touch of Glam’s Classic Black Smokey Eye.

No matter what kind of party you are going to, or what style of make up or outfit you wear, the confidence that comes with a perfect white smile is the best accessory you could have. And remember to keep some mints in that clutch bag to keep your breath fresh and sweet for that midnight kiss.

The New Year is a time for new beginnings, accomplishments, and experiences, but most of all - it’s time to party like it’s 2019 and strut your stuff into the New Year!
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