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Tagged "smile"

Can Your Teeth Affect Your Happiness and Success in Life?

Smiling and happiness are typically seen to go hand-in-hand, and people assume that if you’re smiling you must be enjoying your life and have a positive outlook. But can it be the other way around? Can your teeth impact your happiness and even your success in life? It might seem like your expression is simply an indication of your mood, but studies are starting to show that your teeth can have a wide reaching impact on your confidence and how you feel about yourself as well.
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Making a Good First Impression Online

While you might not even think about how your social media can affect your success in finding a new job, making a very positive first impression online has become an essential step in getting called in for an interview or getting your dream job. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn … there are various ways an employer can find you before the actual first meeting, and with these quick tips, you can make sure your social media profiles and online CV are ready to impress your future employer!
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Can the Colour of Your Teeth Really Affect Your Destiny?!

How much does having white teeth really affect your life? The answer is more than you might initially think or even believe. There are many different social and cultural perceptions that surround tooth colour. The colour of your teeth can have a huge effect on many different aspects of your life, including your psychological health, interaction with others, love life, and personal or professional advancement.
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Top Ten Tips for Whiter Teeth

You might think there are only a few ways to get whiter teeth. That couldn’t be further from the truth! There are actually many different ways to get your teeth stunningly white. All of the different options have their benefits, and each one comes at a different price point. Read on to find the best whitening techniques to match your budget and dental care routine.
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Mid Spring Beauty Detox

Besides getting new maxi dresses and floral blouses to prepare your wardrobe for summer, it’s time to get your body ready as well! While we all tend to a bit lazy and forgiving during the winter and spring season, the constant sunshine and warm weather will give you all the energy and motivation you need to get in shape and feel better! Whether you are looking for a few small changes or would like to do a full detox, we’ve got your back with our favourite tips.
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