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Let Your Smile Do the Talking - Smile Your Way to that Hot Date

Bright smiles and perfect teeth can work wonders for your life.  They can help with everything from improving your self-confidence to preventing life-threatening diseases.  But one area where great teeth can really change your life is in the romance department.  Several studies over the last few years have indicated that a great smile can be the difference between being ghosted or booking a second date.  But exactly how do you do it? How do you use your smile to get someone’s attention? How can you attract someone new into your romantic space without saying a word?

Before we get there, you need to understand why smiling is important.  Your smile shows that you have a positive view on life.  It indicates a sense of optimism, which is wholly attractive to a potential partner.  Your smile also indicates that you have confidence and that you don’t internalize your emotions.  Smiling is also a highly effective, nonverbal way to show attraction.  It’s often that initial ice breaker before a conversation begins.

A lot of guys think that all girls want the ‘bad boy’.  But, newsflash: they’re not marrying the bad boys.  In this scenario, nice guys actually don’t finish last.  Their smiles get them far ahead and sweeping off into the distance with the woman of their dreams.

Change Your Perception

Your smile can’t work for you if you don’t think it will.  So let go of that age old belief that smiling is tied to weakness.  It’s not.  It’s actually the opposite.  Smiling is attached to emotional strength, internal happiness and ultimate confidence.  You can still be a man and smile; it’s perfectly permissible.  It’s something women actually like.  In fact everyone likes smiles, really.


If you’re just learning how to use your smile to your advantage, you can’t go out into the world unprepared.  You’ve got to take your smile for a test drive so you can visualize the signals you’re sending out.  Stand in front of the mirror and just keep smiling.  Spoiler alert: you’re going to feel stupid.  But you’ll be alone so your embarrassment doesn’t really matter.  Take the time to smile until your cheeks hurt.

Be Authentic

This advice might seem like it’s in opposition to practicing but it goes hand in hand.  You don’t want to end up in a bar or party with a cheesy grin reminiscent of your high school yearbook photo.  But you also don’t want to seem too cool or so rehearsed it seems like you’re acting.  Don’t smirk; don’t cheese.  Just be natural.  Think about something that makes you genuinely happy like your favorite show or spending time with your family.  Observe what your smile looks like in that moment.  That’s your natural happiness; that’s what people need to see when you’re no longer staring at yourself in the mirror.

Real vs. Fake

We’ve all seen fake smiles before.  They turn on in a flash, and they’re devoid of all emotion.  They disappear as quickly as they showed up.  This is the kind of smile you want to avoid.  If you flash a fake smile at a girl across the room, she’ll know in a heartbeat.  Instead, take your time forming a slow smile.  Let it come in naturally.  Odds are, if you have to fake it, you’re not really interested anyway.

Make Eye Contact, Then Smile

This strategy can work for you romantically or even in networking scenarios.  You’ve noticed someone across the room that you’re interested in.  You’d like to approach but you need a guarantee that there’s mutual interest before you walk over. Keep looking over but not in a creepy, stalker way.  If your gaze is met, slowly flash your authentic smile and see what happens.  If she smiles back, it’s all systems go and you should move in for a conversation.

On the professional front, it works the same way.  Networking events and conferences can be awkward.  You’re often stuffed into large rooms and assigned seating arrangements with people you don’t know.  But there’s always a VIP or high-profile company player that you need to meet. You don’t want to approach and stand there awkwardly.  Eye the situation for the right time to break in.  At some point, you’ll likely make brief eye contact. Not the swooning, late-night kind; more of the welcoming kind.  Flash an authentic yet quick smile. If it’s reciprocated, head on over to introduce yourself and start making connections.

With your smile, you’re letting the world around you know that you’re open to new people in your life and you’re confident enough to bring them in.  But you have to be genuine.  Even from afar, people can pick up on fakeness.  You never want your smile to work against your intentions.  As long as you feel comfortable using it, it will always work for you.  From the bar to the boardroom, a smile works wonders without you ever having to say a thing.

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