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Mastering the Perfect Selfie – 8 Tricks You Need To Know

Image: fashionztrend.com

Thanks to the front cameras on our phone, we can take a perfect picture anytime and anywhere. Let’s be honest: taking selfies can be awkward and we are never exactly sure what to do with our face, hands and body. Sometimes, even if your hair and makeup look stunning and on point, the pictures don’t turn out that great … we know, taking the perfect selfie isn’t that easy, but it’s not rocket science either. With these few tips, you won’t have to take hundreds of selfies before taking the perfect one.

Find Your Angles

There is always something we would like to emphasise and hide on our faces. Finding the angle that works the best for you and your features is probably the most important step for a perfect selfie. Although the best angle is different for everyone, there a few angles and poses that work for anyone. If you’d like to make your neck look a bit longer, lift and tilt your head slightly (this angle will also emphasise your lips and jawline while making your eyes appear a bit larger). On the other hand, to make your face a bit slimmer, simply hold your head and chin a bit down and the camera up – this angle will also make your forehead look longer.

Good Lighting

Image: instagram.com

To quote the queen of selfies, Kim Kardashian, “good lighting is everything”. Since most of us are not blessed with any crazy selfie lights and professional lighting just to take a selfie on Instagram, we all have to look for the best natural lights possible. If you want to show off your makeup and have natural and flattering lighting, take a selfie while facing a window so the light can naturally hit your face. For more artistic photos (or if you just want to hide any imperfections, such as blemishes on the skin), play a bit with lighting and move around to find the one that is the most flattering.

Bright Smile

Image: pinterest.com

We are all used to serious selfies, so it’s time to break the cycle and post a selfie with a wide, pearly white smile! By showing off your confident white smile in a photo, it will make your selfie look way more natural and happier than a regular ‘serious’ or ‘pouty’ picture with your mouth closed. If you are not sure which pose is the best for you, a genuine smile always works!

Don’t Forget About the Background

Image: tumblr.com

When taking a selfie, we can easily forget about the background surrounding us, but it’s an important detail as well. Of course, we all have those selfies we send to our friends where the background is a complete mess, but if you are looking for the perfect selfie, say goodbye to the basic bathroom backgrounds, and find either a white wall (or any neutral background) or take a picture outside.

Don’t Follow Clichés


Image: tumblr.com

Yes, Kim Kardashian and other supermodels look amazing with a “duckface” selfie … but that doesn’t mean we have to follow all the Instagram trends. Without a professional makeup artist, lighting, retoucher and selfie assistant, don’t try to copy celebrities. Instead, show off your own personality, angles and expressions that work the best for you.

Be Confident

Image: spiceukonline

We can’t stress enough that the key for every look is confidence. If you have a confident smile or pose, it will instantly make the image itself look better. Ensure you feel comfortable in your own skin and you love your outfit, makeup and hair and people will see a confident woman and smile in the photo – so don’t be shy to show off your self-confidence!

Experiment with Your Expressions

Image: malmin.com

Crop It!

Image: elle.co.uk

If your face looks stunning on the photo but there is something in the background that you don’t like – just crop it out. Cropping an image or adding a frame to the photo can completely change the image and your face (making your face look bigger or smaller). If the photo is a bit messy, a square crop will make it look more ‘organized’, without any unwanted detail in the background.

So there you have our quick guide to the perfect selfie! Feel free to get in touch if you have any selfie tips and tricks you would like to share with us … or, better still, send us a photo of your Pearly White smile!


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