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World Oral Health Day

Every March 20th, people across the globe celebrate World Oral Health Day. It’s an awareness day that encourages everyone around the world to keep not just their teeth healthy but to maintain the health of their mouth as well.

The Basics of World Oral Health Day

March 20th isn’t an arbitrary date to celebrate oral health. In fact, there’s a lot of meaning behind the day. According to the World Oral Health Day website, the date was chosen to symbolize the fact that senior citizens are considered healthy if they have 20 of their own teeth by the end of their lives, everyone should have 20 baby teeth when they are kids, and adults should have 32 teeth and no cavities. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons that 3/20 is the perfect day to celebrate having a healthy mouth.

How Can You Celebrate World Oral Health Day?

There are some simple ways to hold your own World Oral Health Day celebrations, as well as some great events that are held to honor the day. If you want to celebrate with others, you should look into community events that are being held in your area. Many dental practices have special events and screenings that are held on March 20th to mark the day. For example, you could attend a lecture on oral health care hosted by the Australian Dental Industry Association.

If there isn’t anything particular scheduled in your area, here are some ideas to help you properly celebrate World Oral Health Day.

Schedule a dental checkup

Since the health of your mouth can be a good indicator of your overall health, it is best to get regular checkups. What better day than March 20th to schedule a visit with your dentist to ensure that your mouth and teeth are healthy. Be sure to wish them a happy World Oral Health Day while you are having your checkup!

Donate to a charity

There are many great charities out there that focus on oral health and helping people to get access to the dental care that they need. These charities are varied and have different purposes and visions. It is a good idea to do some research on the charity to make sure you agree with their purpose and the way they allocate the money you donate. Once you find the perfect oral health charity, you could potentially be providing someone with life changing access to a dental professional or a way to keep their mouth’s healthy all year round.

Refresh your supplies

You might think you are doing a decent job keeping your teeth clean, but are you really doing enough? After all, you want to keep your teeth healthy and strong for as long as possible. Things like cavities, cracked teeth, and even losing teeth can cause major pain and may even require you to get dentures in the future. Keeping your mouth healthy requires commitment and care, as well as a few simple tools. Since it is World Oral Health Day, why not go to your local pharmacy and pick out a few new supplies? Get yourself a fresh toothbrush, some floss, and maybe even a new mouthwash or rinse if you are so inclined. Often, people forget to buy new dental care equipment, and then find themselves without floss when they need it, or reusing a toothbrush until the bristles are frayed and ineffective. Equipping yourself with the tools you need to keep your mouth healthy is a great way to make sure you celebrate the holiday right.

Upgrade your smile

If you already have the basics down, why not go for a little upgrade? Talk to your dentist about teeth whitening solutions that are suitable for you. They can check to tell if your teeth are healthy and ready to be whitened. You could also opt for a whitening kit that you can use at home and still get professional level results. Celebrate the day by getting stunning white teeth that could boost your confidence and have you smiling for months to come!

Choose any one (or even several) of these ways to make sure your mouth is as healthy as possible. Also, it is important not to let the health of your mouth be something you only think about every March 20th and then forget about until the next World Oral Health Day rolls around. A commitment to oral health is an every day obligation, and one that you really should take seriously no matter how healthy you are or what your age is. A healthy mouth can be a way for your doctors to assess the rest of your health, so make sure you take care of those teeth and gums!

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