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Just because there’s no snow, it doesn’t mean it can’t be a white Christmas

Foster the holiday spirit with these gifts for the special people in your life who deserve a little something extra. Whether it’s 40 degrees or 0, bring the warmth of the season to your front door with gifts that channel the wintery wonder of Christmas. Follow this holiday gift guide to help everyone on your list feel the joy of a white Christmas, no matter what the weather outside is like.

Fluffy Robe

Image: ElizabethJayne

The ultimate in comfort, treat yourself and your friends with a fluffy, cloud-like robe so soft you’ll swear you just stepped out of a deep tissue massage.

It offers all the luxury of a spa or five-star hotel, without the price tag of having to leaving your home. This gift forces your loved ones to slow down and treat themselves. After all, you can’t be busy in a robe. No matter the temperature, a robe is the ideal gift to give to the person in need of some white and wintery comfort.

White Orchid

Exotic and eye-catching, orchids are one of the prettiest gifts you can give at any time of the year. While flowers are a classic friend gift, a white orchid goes above and beyond the norm. Their striking appearance adds to almost any décor and in the absence of a snowy day they provide nature’s second best wintery white display. When well taken care of, orchids live for many years. Unlike pre-cut flowers that wither and fade, gifting someone on your list a white orchid will by a symbol of friendship that lasts well into the new year.

White Tea

Image: elementsbathandbody.com

As the least processed variety of tea, some believe white tea is actually the healthiest blend. Full of anti-oxidants and lacking in chemicals, white tea is often used in detox regimens and beauty cleansers. Whether your friend is in need of a holiday cleanse, or simply needs a relaxing cup of tea on Christmas Eve, white tea is something anyone can enjoy. A relaxing gift that cares for the mind, body and soul, white tea won’t stain your teeth like coffee or black tea. It also won’t leave you strained like other high sugar or caffeine items might. It’s soothing effects are a sweet way to show you care this Christmas.

Drink Cart Kit

There is more than one way to make this a white Christmas for the friends and family on your list. If the adults on your list are in need of some Christmas cheer, these two beverages are the ideal gift this season. A cleverly wrapped basket with all the fixings for a white Russian, complete with some old-fashioned glasses is perfect for sipping on a snowless night. If they are more of a wine lover, a bottle or two of their favourite white wine works just as well. Buying them a wine from a new winery or wine-growing region is a sure way to make this gift exciting and personalized. If anyone knows his or her taste profile, it will be you.

Coconut Sugar Scrub

Image: Sevenclowncircus.com

Whether store-bought or homemade, this present shows your love and your desire to make them feel and look their best. The sparkling sugar is a good stand-in when there in no snow to be had, and can still put you in that Christmas mood with its soothing effects. Coconut is also an excellent moisturizer for dry winter skin or sun bleached burns. Consider gifting this present in a classic looking jar with Christmas ribbon wrapped around to accent the look.

Fair Trade White Chocolate

This is a great gift for your friend who likes the sweeter things, including ethical products. While chocolate has always been a popular gift around Christmas time, it doesn’t mean you can’t spice it up a bit. Try something different with white chocolate that helps tie into the Christmas spirit by choosing an ethically responsible and fair trade brand. Everyone on your list will be sure to thank you for their thoughtful gift that fills them with a sense of goodwill as they munch away.

Teeth Whitening Strips

Supportive friends know that showing you care is more than just expensive gifts and showy presentation. True friends care about things like confidence and self-esteem. When it comes to picking out brilliant gifts that will put a smile on your loved ones faces, the gift of teeth whitening can’t be beat. With family photos being taken, office parties to survive, and the New Year ahead of us all, looking sharp and feeling our best is on everyone’s Christmas list. Help your favourite people show off their best features with an at home teeth whitening kit to put the white back in their smile. Get 15% off this



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