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Mid Spring Beauty Detox

Besides getting new maxi dresses and floral blouses to prepare your wardrobe for summer, it’s time to get your body ready as well! While we all tend to a bit lazy and forgiving during the winter and spring season, the constant sunshine and warm weather will give you all the energy and motivation you need to get in shape and feel better! Whether you are looking for a few small changes or would like to do a full detox, we’ve got your back with our favourite tips.

Water & Tea Detox

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We know it’s a boring step, but first and foremost, nothing will help you as much as drinking enough water and trying out green tea. 8 glasses of water per day is a great start, especially if you tend to forget about drinking enough (and let’s be honest, we all forget to drink enough water during a busy work day). Besides getting enough sleep, water is one of the best beauty tricks for quick and healthy results: it hydrates your skin, prevents breakouts and dry patches, and it can make your whole complexion look more naturally glowing. If you are a coffee addict just like us, we recommend switching up your routine and trying green tea instead of coffee in the morning. While it definitely doesn’t have that sweet, yet strong taste, it’s a great healthy alternative to energise your body and give yourself that motivation you need on an early Monday morning.

Start With Small Changes

Don’t try to pressure yourself and change everything instantly. While we all want to results immediately and try to switch to a healthy life in one day, it takes work to get rid of our habits, especially if they involve coffee, chocolate and forgetting to take our makeup off after a Friday night. Consistency is definitely more important than being quick. Instead of giving up on everything, try to manage your spring detox in small steps and you will be able to reach your goals eventually. Don’t forget the positive side of this detox, and never feel pressured or a failure – small cheat days are completely okay as long as you are improving in the long run.

Morning Meditation

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Rushing to work with a takeaway cup of coffee after sleeping late doesn’t sound very compatible with a morning meditation session, but trust us, it’s worth giving a try. If you are too busy during weekdays, try to meditate for 5-10 minutes during the weekend, right after waking up. Meditation will help you relax a bit and truly wake up before your days starts, and lets you gather your thoughts. In the long term, meditation will make your body and mind more balanced.

Get Your Skin Ready!

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Besides getting your body ready with small changes, don’t forget to pamper your skin. During the cold weather, your skin naturally tends to be a bit more dry, which can result in extreme sensitivity, redness and dry patches, but with a few quick ideas, you can easily make your skin nourished again. Start your detox with a big, scented bath to soften up your skin and use an oil-based scrub to cleanse your skin (make sure to be gentle with your skin, rubbing too hard can easily leave scratches). After your skin is cleared up, create your own, extra pampering lotion by adding a mix of coconut and olive oil drops to your regular lotion. Because of the oils, it will definitely take a bit longer for the lotion to sink in and dry, but it will also deeply nourish your skin and leave it feeling silky soft. If you try to schedule a pamper day like this twice every week, it will help your skin become softer and more hydrated in a few weeks. For your face, include a deep cleansing activated charcoal or mud mask and switch from your winter night serum to a light consistency night moisturiser.

Don’t Forget That Perfect White Smile

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Besides proper oral hygiene, a little extra care can easily help you reach your goals faster. With a gentle teeth whitening kit, your teeth can become whiter without any damage. With the addition of a desensitising gel, even if you suffer from sensitive teeth you can still have a brighter, whiter smile. If you are looking for a quick fix, try out our Whitening Pen, but if you want to have a full transformation, try out our professional teeth whitening set that will help you get a perfect, pearly white smile in only a few weeks.

Now we have mid spring sorted, let’s think ahead to summer and get ready to Say Hello To Summer with our Top 7 Tips For Getting Summer Ready with everything you need to welcome the warmer summer months and party season!

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