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Hello Summer! Top 7 Tips for Getting Summer Ready

The glorious warmth of summer is fast approaching. It’s time to pack away the jumpers and spend the season with sand on our feet and the sun on our skin. The transition from spring to summer can be tricky, but planning ahead can help you be ready for everyone’s favourite time of the year. Follow these 7 tips to help you get ready for the best summer of your life.

1. Take a Spa Day

Summer is usually thought of as the season for leisure, but even endless days at the beach can take their toll. Make an appointment for yourself at your favourite spa to start out summer right with a rejuvenating facial or massage. Your summer will likely be filled with outdoor adventures, travel, and constant activity. Carve out some time to have your brows done, get a bright manicure-pedicure, a new haircut, or schedule a teeth whitening.  Taking the time to pamper yourself will ensure you’re filled with confidence and ready to take on the world.

2. Put Together a Summer Playlist

The song of the summer will be bursting through your speakers soon enough, but why not break out some old favourites to usher in the season as well? Try asking friends for suggestions or doing some research on new bands to create your perfect playlist. Finding new music you love will bring joy to your life and create special memories to make this summer unforgettable. Adding summery tunes to the soundtrack of your day will help you channel your childlike bliss and get you in the mindset of warmth and waves.

3. Plan Your Meals

It can be hard to make new habits, especially when they involve something like exercise or eating healthy. Get a jump on your summer glow by trying out some fun new recipes that will keep you full and fit throughout the summer months. Fresh, easy to pull together recipes will help you harness energy and create a healthier lifestyle. Bright colours and new flavours can be daunting, but your body will thank you when it comes time to hit the beach. Try out some fun summer cocktails or breakfast smoothie bowls that will make your summer menus pop and fill you with that confident stride we all crave.

4. Make a Summer Schedule

If sticking to a New Year resolution is too much pressure, why not try something a little more short-term? While you still have some time, sit down and make yourself a personalized summer bucket list. Whether you enjoy reading, travel, spending time outdoors, or attending concerts; there’s never enough time to squeeze in all you hope to do before the summer sun goes down. Make yourself a list of all your top goals for the summer and start planning for them right away. Make a budget for that dream trip or start looking for your ideal beach read. Don’t let the time slip away from you and make those dreams happen.  

5. Invest in Your Summer Shades

No matter what your skin tone, the summer sun is sure to darken you up over the coming months. It’s important to be prepared for this seasonal change, especially when it comes to your make-up routine. There’s nothing worse than getting ready after a sunny day only to find you’re now a shade darker than your favourite foundation. Be prepared to match that natural tan and stock up on darker makeup shades to go with your summer glow. You can also be on the lookout for some bright, new pallets to complete your sun kissed look. While you’re at it, why not whiten your smile to complement that lovely tan?

6. Switch to Natural Skincare Products

If you haven’t taken the time to look into natural skincare products, what’s stopping you? Summer can be torture on your skin. With blazing heat and chlorine filled pools, nobody wants to use lotion filled with unnecessary chemicals and irritants. Treat yourself to some quality, natural products that are good for you and the environment. Find a moisturizer with a fruity scent or invest in some sunscreen with nourishing properties like aloe and Shea butter.

7. Update and Rotate Your Wardrobe

With warmer temperatures and ever-changing trends, a change in season means it’s time to change up your style. Update your look with the must-haves for this year to keep you looking fresh. If you’re worried about clutter, don’t forget to toss anything tired from past years you know you won’t be wearing. You can make room for new summer items by donating some of the things you didn’t wear over spring and winter.

There you have it, our 7 tips to get you ready for summer. Whatever the season brings, you’ll be ready to face it with a little preparation and pampering. Remember to enjoy yourself and make time for the things that bring you joy. Happy summer everyone!

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