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Gifts for Your BFF

Choosing a gift for your best friend doesn’t have to be difficult. The innumerable inside jokes and special memories you share together are the perfect inspiration for truly unique and personal gift giving. Unlike your second cousin who you drew in the family gift exchange, your BFF is someone you understand almost as well as yourself. However, knowing exactly what to buy them to show your everlasting love and appreciation can be a bit tricky. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your best friend this holiday season, we’ve got a great list to help get the creative ideas flowing. Check out these ten top gift ideas for your BFF this Christmas.

Friendship Bracelets

Image: yourloveyoushop

The classic symbol of best friend appreciation never grows old. While the traditional friendship bracelet of elementary and middle school fame may be a bit out of touch with your current style, adult friends have the benefit of finding unique and artistic pieces to reflect their relationship. Whether it’s a braided strand or something with a little sparkle, or engraved with a special message, you can show your BFF you care with this take on the traditional gift.

Personalised Wine Glass

Image: Tradesey.com

For your wine loving bestie the obvious perfect gift idea is their favorite brand of red or white. However, if you’re looking for something that will last longer than one evening of binge watching, a personalized wine glass might be just the thing. Painted wine glasses are artistic, unique, and reflect personal style in a fun and flirty way that can’t be beat.

Best Friends Teeth Whitening Kit

If your friend has been fussing over their stained smile in all your pictures lately, this is an opportunity to show how much you listen and care. The gift of a DIY tooth whitening kit is perfect for a best friend spa day where you both can take some me time together. Give a gift that boosts their self-confidence and add a brilliant shine to their Christmas smiles.

Cosmetics Case

After many nights of getting ready next to each other, you probably know your best friends make up routine pretty well. While an obvious choice might be to get them their favorite blush or a new lip palette, a new cosmetics case is something she can cherish for more than a few applications. Upgrade your friend’s old bag with something that fits their current style like only you know how.

Instagram Magnets

Obviously, we all love snapping selfies with our best ladies on the daily. But after years of friendship, most of those memorable shots become lost in the timeline. Thankfully, someone realized the potential in all those Insta-worthy shots and developed the idea of Instagram magnets. Sites like Sticky9 offer magnets and other products that feature your favorite pictures from Instagram. Give the gift of beautiful memories to your BFF this Christmas. 

Mermaid Tail Blanket

The Christmas season is the perfect time to give the gift of coziness. No matter what the weather outside is like, a mermaid tail blanket is an adorable and functional gift that your sea-loving bestie will swoon over. These blankets are ideal for anyone looking to show off their inner mermaid while cuddled up watching holiday movies.

Image: seatailshop.com

Literature for Two

With the New Year coming and resolutions being made, it’s the perfect time to make a commitment with your best friend to read more. If you’re looking for the right gift to help you both stick to your reading goals, why not give them the latest bestseller on both your lists. Bonus: you are also giving them the gift of quality time since reading the same book means you’ll also be getting together to discuss the plot at your favorite café sometime soon.

Hair wrap

Chances are, your best friend has been drying her hair the wrong way for years. Whether her hair is curly, straight, natural, or permed, there is a better way to keep the frizz and breakage to a minimum. Gift your favorite lady a hair wrap and keep her locks looking gorgeous all year. Whether it’s a silk bonnet or a cotton wrap, once she gives this gift a try she will never go back to towel or air-drying.

Phone Case

Image: thehunt.com

A new phone case can be a great way to prove you know their style and brighten up their life. Consider ordering something artsy from sites like Society6 and Etsy to ensure your gift is as unique as it is heartfelt. Turning their phone into a beautiful accessory is one way to show you care this holiday season.

Lavender Sleep Pillow

After the stress of the holidays, your best friend deserves some pampering. If aromatherapy is her thing, go beyond basic candles with an indulgent and comforting gift she can take anywhere. An infused pillow or eye mask is perfect for restless sleepers, travelers, or anyone in need of special treatment.

So there you have some of our top picks for your BFF this holiday season, and don’t forget her birthday as well (not that you ever would)!


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