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Gifts for the Narcissist in Your Life

We all know it’s difficult to buy a gift for the person who seems to have everything, but it can also be difficult to buy a gift for the person who thinks they are everything. If you’ve got a narcissist on your Christmas gift list and you don’t know where to turn, we’ve rounded up some gift ideas that are sure to please without breaking the bank.

Image: Mythlovestories.com

Mirrored Phone Case

Image: Kim Kardashian

Everyone knows the trick to using your front facing camera as an emergency mirror, but why stop there? Buy the narcissist in your life a mirrored mobile phone case this Christmas. It will be a glittering reminder of your love while allowing them to take subtle glances throughout their day. It’s perfect for checking makeup on the go or a little something sparkly to draw attention their way.

Lighted Selfie Stick

Chances are, the person you have in mind already has a well-worn selfie stick that never leaves their side. Be the one to bring an upgrade to their selfie game with a lighted selfie stick that fits right in their stocking. When you’re taking a picture of yourself, lighting and angle are key. A lighted selfie stick ensures you get the right leverage and lighting to capture the most flattering and Insta-worthy pose.

At-Home Makeover

Looking their best is a top priority for even the most maintenance keen narcissists. If you want to see their face light up, then an at-home makeover kit is the perfect gift idea. Whether they are a contouring junkie in need of a new beauty blender, or a coffee fanatic who could use some help from a teeth-whitening kit, there are plenty of ways to pamper the narcissist on your list.

Beauty Lights for the Bathroom

Sticking with the lighting theme, fluorescent lights are a narcissist’s worst enemy. If you notice their bathroom or bedroom is currently sporting these lacklustre bulbs, then the perfect gift is a no-brainer. Providing your lovable narcissist with flattering LED lighting instead will keep their makeup game strong. Consider a lighted beauty mirror with surrounding lights or a complimentary light fixture to go in the area they usually do their makeup. Having the right lighting can make all the difference in appearance and having proper lighting is one easy way to make that happen.

The Gift of a Celeb Smile

Image: Fashionartista.com

Everyone wants whiter teeth, but none more than your favourite narcissist. With all that mirror gazing and photo taking, they will be extremely happy to receive the gift of celeb worthy whiter teeth, to ensure they can flash that smile in all its glory, in as many places as possible. Teeth whitening strips are sure to make them swoon (for themselves).

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Photo Collage

Image: Estherkane.com

If you’re feeling artsy, making a photo collage is a personalised gift from the heart. Make sure to use photos they’ve posted themselves so you can be sure they approve of the shots. Putting together a snapshot of their greatest moments from the year will give them something fun to display and a great way to capture their best looks throughout the year.

Personalised Stationary

It may sound a little pretentious, but that’s what makes it perfect for people of the narcissistic variety. Make it yourself, or buy it from a stationary store for a more professional look. Personalised stationary lets your friend communicate with a splash of flare and features their name and style prominently. You can look forward to plenty of smiles and maybe even some handwritten notes with this classy present.                        

My SocialBook

If your friend is constantly obsessing over the content on their social media accounts, this is an excellent gift for them. These Facebook and Instagram storybooks allow you to condense your finest moments on your social media accounts into a pre-formatted scrapbook you can keep for years. They not only display your best pictures and posts, they also provide analytics on likes and reactions from your followers. This gift will be a way they can keep all their best posts as beautifully formatted memories.

Clear Glass Bank

If you’re thinking about gifting your favourite narcissist some Christmas cash this holiday season, don’t follow the tired tradition of stuffing it in a Hallmark card. For people who love to show off, having conversation pieces in their home is a must. Find a unique, clear glass vessel to fill with coins or bills and gift it to the one you love. Antique glassware from a thrift store or a modern vase would work perfectly for this gift depending on your friend’s style.

A Donation in Their Name

For someone with a hefty dose of self-love, an ideal gift makes him or her feel fantastic about himself or herself as a person. If you really want to put a smile on their face, make a donation in their name. Often, donations of this type will come with a certificate they can display and show off their charitable nature. Another option along these lines is to dedicate a star in their memory. What more could they want than to look up in the sky and know there’s a star named after them?

So there you have it, the perfect gifts for the one you love who loves themselves. Let’s hope they take enough time away from the mirror to remember their own Christmas gift list!



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