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Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Whether you are always in a hurry, living far away from your family or having a closer relationship with your parents, Father’s Day gives you the opportunity to celebrate and honour your father and thank him for everything he’s done in the past. While it might be easier to find the most fitting present for you mum or sister, gifting something meaningful yet practical for your dad can be a difficult challenge. With a little extra effort, you can surprise him with a truly outstanding gift – and to help you out, we collected 8 of our favourite Father’s Day gift ideas!

Personalised Book Collection

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Books always make amazing presents…the trick is finding the right mix of books for your father. Instead of choosing a book randomly, stay consistent and put together a small book collection from writers that he likes. If you are not sure about his preference, choose books that you’d recommend for him (it can be your favourite books or classics that he hasn’t read yet). By creating a special book collection just for him, you can gift him something new, unique and entertaining, and by adding your favourite book to the mix, you will add a personalised detail as well. Make it even more interesting with a note explaining the reasons behind the chosen books.

Professional Skincare

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Most dads are not really invested in skincare, but it’s time to change that and invest in some quality skincare essentials for Father’s Day. There are so many men’s skincare brands that are real treasures – such as GAIA, Victor Oritz and Clinique for Men. These brands feature high quality ingredients that mix together masculine fragrances with beneficial ingredients fighting the signs of aging and dry skin. Instead of sticking with his usual aftershave as a “skincare routine”, surprise him with a light cleanser and an anti-aging serum.

Quality Fashion Details

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If you want to surprise him with something fashion related, focus on the small details that he wouldn’t think of otherwise. Cufflinks, unique ties, a pair of high quality gloves or fedora hats are all essential, yet often forgotten parts of a menswear wardrobe. If he is more into vintage, classy styles, choose carefully detailed, vintage accessories, but if his style is more modern and casual, gift him something practical or more fun – and don’t forget about the importance of high-quality materials and designs. Giving him something that has a timeless design and will stick with him for years is a thoughtful idea.

Cultural Experience

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If your father is always on the go, ask him to take a day off and take him on a cultural experience such as a play, or to a limited exhibition at his favourite museum. A museum or theatre visit is not only entertaining and a special experience, but you can also have a coffee together and chat about your everyday life (which is especially important if you don’t have a strong, everyday connection).

Luxurious Grooming Essentials

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If skincare is wouldn’t impress him too much but you would like to stick with the grooming theme, try to surprise him with something a bit more special, such as with a new cologne, a teeth whitening kit or a spa visit with a massage. These are perfect gift ideas if he tends to forget to focus on himself and pamper himself sometimes.

Adventurous Experience

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If he wouldn’t be surprised by a visit to a museum or theatre, take him on an adventure: a sports car driving experience, an exotic restaurant or cocktail bar, or joining him on a golf course can be exciting gift ideas for him. Whether you’d like him to step out of his comfort zone or would simply like to surprise him with a completely new experience, there are endless adventurous options. 

Chef Essentials

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If he has an obsession with a specific cuisine or is interested in cooking but wouldn’t like to invest in his hobby, surprise him with a small cooking set with unique spices, sauces, ingredients or a high quality stir fry pan. Another great option is gifting him a unique type of liquor or any alcohol he likes/collects – the aim is to find a present that shows you care and spent time and effort in choosing the right gift.

A Family Day

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Although this does not sound like a very unique program at first, once you move out from home, organising any family event becomes extremely tricky. Save him time and surprise him with a family program, such as going to a restaurant and spending some quality time together with your siblings and parents.

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