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Let’s Get Festive! Christmas Beauty Tips

The festive season is filled to the brim with social events, Christmas drinks, work parties and of course time with friends and family, so you will want to look your best while enjoying the holiday cheer.

Jumping from work parties to family meals and drinks with friends can have a serious effect on your skin and teeth, so using the right products for your prepping regime is a great start. After that, you're free to add a little sparkle here, there and everywhere. 

Preparation is Key

Image: Dermalogica

With late nights being a must, skin will begin looking a little tired a little too quickly. With dark circles under the eyes an unfortunate and uninvited guest to those fabulous parties during the season, try not to skip out on your skincare routine: Drink plenty of water every day and use a toner to keep skin tight and toned - which will also create  a better base for a smoother finish later when applying foundation. 

Active Moist by Dermalogica is an award winning, moisturizer that’s both lightweight and super hydrating. Containing refreshing lemon and cucumber, it will revitalise the skin at any time of day. Whilst it may be a hefty price for a moisturizer, keeping your skin hydrated is one of the most important steps for a healthy looking glow, so the investment is totally justified.  If you’re on a tighter budget, however, try the classic Kind to Skin Hydrating Moisturiser by Simple – found in almost every chemist and supermarket.

For a quick fix between parties, a splash of cold water will do the trick to revitalise your skin instead - cooling, soothing and reducing redness. If you’re ahead of schedule, use a relaxing eye mask before bed the night before. 

That Sweet Smile

As for your teeth, it's prime cleaning time. The season of gingerbread, lollies, chocolates and a little tipple is upon us: Sugar is all the rage and we can't get enough of it. Our teeth however, can. Make sure to stick to a strict brushing and flossing regime like any other time of the year. Not only will teeth start to yellow with alcohol and confectionary, you'll also be left with sensitivity - which is never ideal.

If you want that extra sparkle, consider a whitening kit. It is Christmas after all, and that means treats for everyone, including teeth! 

Twinkle Toes

Let’s also not forget the huge amount of inevitably uncomfortable shoes you’ll be wearing. Heels will always impress… but once you actually have to wear them all through the day, and into the night your feet will start to complain.

In times like this, keep your bags stocked with blister plasters (Santa’s little healers), your cupboards full of exfoliator and foot cream, and book in for those massages and pedicures.

The beautiful Soap and Glory Heel Genius foot cream is the perfect lazy girl solution to sore feet: This rejuvenating cream works overnight whilst you sleep, hydrating and softening skin. But to feel a little more like you’re having a spa day at home, grab yourself the Volcano Foot Mask & Scrub from Lush Cosmetics to really add a little luxury to your cosy night in of Christmas films and cocoa.

 Your feet are more than likely going to take a beating this holiday season, so be aware to also keep comfy shoes on standby.

Xmas Make-Up Must’s

The festive season is also the hottest season here in Australia, so a glowing tan is a must for many of us. There are numerous fake tanning products out there to suit every skin type, so you can have those tanned limbs without risking sun damage. If you're looking for a little extra colour, use a foundation a shade darker than usual, or add a little bronzer to key points of the face.

Christmas is the time to master the Smokey Eye whilst adding plenty of sparkle. A sparkly eye palette is a girl’s best friend, and a must for the festive period. Whether it's for a night out with the gals, or adding a little evening glam on the way to a work party, the Smokey eye is timeless and truly irresistible.

Rather than sticking to deep charcoal and grey shades, add bronze and golds to create a look a little different for the special occasion.

Not only is a sparkly eye shadow the best accessory you can gift yourself, it can also double up as an extra highlighter if you find yourself without.

Urban Decay’s Moondust palettes and eye shadows have the sparkly trends on point. Adding life and brightness to your eyes, and with a name like Moondust, can you really resist?

Luscious Lips

When it comes to a killer pout; dark reds, purples or the classic cherry pop is the ideal Christmas time lip colour. But with every lipstick occasion, comes a huge responsibility: Lip care. As the winter months approach, there’s plenty of bustling winds and temperature drops, so lips are extremely vulnerable. Keep a prevention balm – like Vaseline -with you at all times, along with a mending balm – such as Carmex - to quickly fix those chapped lips! Keeping your lips moisturized and soft will help when applying lipstick at any time of year.

Try a lip scrub, too, as part of your daily or weekly pamper session.

With your Christmas party prepped skin, feet and teeth, paired with your flawless outfits, Smokey eyes and signature lipstick, you’re ready for any occasion the season has to offer!


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