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Glowing, Bronze Goddess Makeup Look – Step-by-Step Tutorial

Summer is nearly here and a bronzy, glowing makeup look is perfect for hot summer night outs, dinner dates or for a holiday. Inspired by supermodels such as Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio, we created our favourite step by step makeup tutorial for that natural, tanned makeup look!

What You’ll Need:

  • Primer
  • Dewy, Medium Coverage Foundation
  • Warm Contour Colour & Bronzer
  • Golden Peach Blush & Highlighter
  • Taupe & Brown Eye Shadow
  • Black Mascara or Falsies
  • A Nude Lipstick
  • Setting Spray
The Basics

Prep & Prime

image via elle.co.uk

Start off the look with the basics: cleansing your face and applying a hydrating primer. Even if you don’t have lots of time for your makeup, starting with an even and clean canvas will make sure that your makeup application is flawless and long-lasting. For the warmer season, try out a coconut-based primer (such as the Too Faced Coconut Primer or the Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer) or the Smashbox Primer Water. 

Dewy Skin

image via tumblr.com

A light or medium coverage liquid foundation with a dewy finish will be perfect for this look. If you have sensitive or dry skin, apply a few drops of your favourite serum or face oil and mix it together with your foundation (don’t worry, instead of making your skin look greasy, it will ensure a more glowing finish and easier application).

Bronzy Cheeks

Contoured Cheekbones

image via elle.co.uk

The true bronzed goddess makeup look starts here. Use a light, brown contour shade below your cheekbones to add warmth to your complexion, and then apply a hint of bronzer. Instead of chunky glitters, go for a matte or slightly shimmery, golden bronzer.

The Perfect Blush

image via instagram.com

For this look, we’d recommend a light, peachy blush that softens up the mix of bronzer, contour powder and brown eye shadows. Try out one with golden shimmers in it (such as Nars Orgasm or Super Orgasm for a very reflective, pigmented peach blush) and, after adding it to the apples of your cheeks, slightly blend it together with your bronzer. On top of your blush, apply the smallest amount of natural highlighter to get that truly glowing complexion. Any light, coral or peach blush will look fantastic with a tan or bronzed look, but if you are not a fan of these shades, try out a blush with a more red undertone.

Nude Lips

image via pinterest.com

Because the focus is on the face and eyes with this look, stick with a nude lipstick or gloss with a warm undertone. A hint of deeper brown in your lipstick will be stunning with the overall bronzy look, but try to avoid lipsticks with a cool, grey or taupe undertone. A nude, shimmery lip look will also make your teeth look optically whiter.

Glowing Eyes

Natural Smokey Eyes

image via elle.com

Although most smokey eyes are created with a mix of silvers, greys and blacks, this bronzy makeup look will look the best with natural, warm eye shadows. Start off with a metallic champagne on the inner corner of your eye and slowly create an ombré effect on your lid using shades of beige, caramel and chocolate. Smudge the edges of the makeup for a “messy” finish.

Dramatic Lashes

image via pinterest.com

Go big with your lashes and add multiple coats of your favourite black mascara. If you want to take your look to the next step, add a pair of natural looking falsies as well. When applying false lashes, let the glue dry for a few seconds and apply it to your natural lash line once they’re tacky. To conceal any remaining glue on your lashes, go over it with a black mascara or eyeliner.

Glowing Finish

image via pinterest.com

It’s time for the last small touches. Grab your golden highlighter and gently dust a bit of highlighting powder or liquid illuminator to your cupid’s bow, on your brow bone and tip of your nose.

Make it more extravagant…

...with bold lips

image via pinterest.com

A warm red or chocolate brown lipstick will look very sultry with this look, and it’s perfect if you’d like to wear this look for a special occasion with a beige or all-neutral look. Amp up your smile with whiter, brighter teeth by using an at-home whitening kit to really show off your smile!

Outfit & Hair Tips:

image via instagram.com

Because it’s such a versatile look, almost everything goes perfectly with it! Rock this look with an all-white pant suit look for formal events, but for nights out and dinners on the beach, wear a floral or turquoise maxi dress! Keep your hair in a messy bun or create loose, bombshell curls.

For more tips on preparing for your summer makeup looks see our tips – hello summer! top ten tips for getting summer ready and make the most of the warmer months.




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