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Are You Beach Worthy?

It’s that time of year when all you want to do is throw on a bikini, grab some of your BFF’s and head to the beach for a day of lying in the sand and catching the sun’s rays. But before you hit the coast, you’ll need to ready your mind, body, and most importantly your wardrobe for a day of fun and relaxation. Here are the foolproof steps every girl needs to prep for the perfect day at the beach.

Image: Gardenia Bikini by Bondi Bather


Go Shopping

You can’t truly call yourself a beach babe without the wardrobe to back it up. With the right swimsuit, sunglasses, sandals and hat you’ll have even more fun because will have the added confidence of knowing you look exceptionally fabulous. As a bonus, you’ll have tons of Instagram-worthy pictures to make everyone else green with envy. To find your beach style, get online and research this seasons swimsuit trends. Find some designs and colors that will compliment your body shape before you shop. Brands like Bondi Bather and Seafolly are famous for their fashion forward swimwear. Pro tip: halter neck bikini tops are trending, and low cut one pieces are making a comeback! Don’t forget to accessorize with a cute baseball cap or sunhat, and, of course, your favorite thongs!

 Prep Your Skin

If you’ve been spending your days sitting indoors with the AC on full blast, you may want to add a bit more colour to your skin before stepping onto the sand. After all, no one wants to throw off their super chic cover-up and reveal pale, pasty skin hiding underneath! A spray tan will elevate your look, and it will even make your body look more fit and toned. Win win! If you’re not into spray tanning, another option is to invest in a tinted moisturizer, which will give you that same coveted bronzy glow. We love Estelle & Thirds Biohydrate All In One Tinted Moisturizer which gives you a healthy, natural-looking tan and a nice, even complexion.

You should ensure that your moisturizer has SPF to avoid an unwanted sunburn. Not only are sunburns extremely dangerous, they are very painful and will make you look like a peeling lobster until they heal. If you’re already sufficiently sun kissed and skipping the pre-beach tanning ritual, you’ll want to have a stash of sunscreen in your beach bag. Make sure to reapply every three to four hours, or as soon as you step out of the waves.

Image: Biohydrate All In One Moisturizer Light by Estelle & Third

Whiten your teeth

Pearly white teeth are the cherry on top of the beach style sundae. White teeth compliment that bronze tan, so when you crack a smile, those perfect teeth will be illuminated by the sun’s rays and all eyes will turn towards you. We know it can be very expensive to get your teeth whitened professionally, which is why an at home LED teeth whitening system is an excellent option that gives great results without the hefty price tag.

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Professional Teeth Whitening System


Get Your Beach Reads

A day at the beach is the perfect time to get your mind off a hectic work or school schedule with some relaxing reading. Maybe you love trashy novels. Maybe you’ve been dying to dip into The Girl On The Train before seeing the movie. Maybe you prefer to sit back with a stack of fashion magazines. Whatever your preference, take it to the beach! Even if you only read a page or two before drifting off to sleep, sprawling on the sand with a great book and drink in hand while the sun warms your skin is one of the best ways to unwind.

Pack your bag

Image: Oasis Beach Bag by Duskii

So you’ve done your prescribed pre-beach rituals. You’ve found the best bikini, prepped your skin, and raided the bookstore for novels and magazines. You can practically hear the crash of the waves and the squawking of those pesky seagulls. There’s just one thing left to do before you officially get your summer started: put it all together! Throw in a towel, some sunscreen, a water bottle, your beach reads, and some snacks. If you have a portable phone charger, you won’t want to forget that. You might decide to pack a Frisbee or beach ball to throw around with your friends. If you’re a yoga lover, you can even bring your yoga mat and do some sun salutations on the shore.

Last one to the beach is a rotten egg!

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