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Are They Scared of Your Costume or Your Teeth?

A question we ask ourselves, usually a week after the Halloween sugar rush has subsided, is what damage have I done to my teeth? With such a huge increase in lolly consumption by kids and parents alike, coupled with the colossal spike in coffee intake as those aforementioned parents anxiously await their little ghouls and goblins’ safe return, the holiday season can truly be murder on the enamel.

Image Source: Patalogica Dental

So is the answer: no lollies, no fizzy drinks, no coffee?

Undoubtedly, we could all cut down on the sugary foods and drinks that fuel the teeth staining gremlins, but do you really want to feel like the Grinch so early in the season? Why not try one of the many at home remedies and products that can protect our fangs against the ravages of Halloween and the notoriously sweet season that lies beyond.

Home remedies worthy of a witch’s cauldron

First up is oil pulling - this natural remedy has passed down from generations of ancestors via oral history in the hopes that 21st century smiles are less gruesome than their counterparts of yesteryear. According to Dr Axe, the method of oil pulling serves the purpose of oral detoxification by extracting toxins from the mouth to create an antiseptic barrier that prevents common oral issues. The characteristic oils used are coconut, olive or sesame oil. The oil is used as a mouthwash, to detach grime and cleanse the palette. If you don’t fancy swishing oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes several times a week you can opt to try the modern version - coconut oil infused whitening strips.

A second, slightly less unpleasant, way to transform those yellows into pearly whites, is making a homemade paste of baking soda and lemon juice. Use this concoction as a mask for your teeth by applying it to dry teeth for 1 minute. You’ll notice that with repeated use over time your teeth will gradually get whiter, but they are unlikely to achieve truly scary levels of neon whiteness.

Fangs Dracula would be proud of

Image Source: Emma Pickels

If you are after seriously white teeth and need them, like, yesterday, then you can either opt for SFX prosthetics or use one of the many teeth whitening products that are on the market. Specialised whitening toothbrushes, toothpastes, dissolvable and standard whitening strips, oral nourishing serums, whitening pens, mouthwashes and professional grade at home whitening systems are just some of the options screaming out to consumers.

Whether you love your wine, sweets, coffee, tea, or - cough, cough - nicotine there is a teeth whitening solution to help - no matter how many red frogs you try to cram into your tummy.

A healthy smile is important, it promotes well-being, self esteem and confidence, everything that a hard working Freddie Krueger or Cruella de Vil needs. In this day and age we need that winning flash of pearly whites every day for the entire year, a week in October shouldn’t be allowed to tarnish it.

So this Halloween remember your essentials:

  • for every lightsabre pack a toothbrush;
  • for every fake bloody knife remember the mouthwash;
  • if you are a scary clown don’t forget the sugar free gum;

and PLEASE remember to use your Pearly Whites teeth whitening kit because no matter what costume you choose,

No one wants teeth that look like gravestones ☹

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