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10 Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Smile

Your teeth are yellow, brown, broken, or non-existent. Your breath is comparable to the odour of a swamp. The last living thing that let you near enough for a kiss was your dog. Your oral hygiene is slipping, and it’s time to make a change. Here are 10 bad habits that are ruining your smile:


There’s a reason we put smoking on the top of the list. It’s a nightmare for your teeth, your oral hygiene, and your overall health. Smoking turns teeth brown. It eats at enamel (a tooth’s protective surface). It causes bad breath. Above all, it causes cancer. Kick the habit; your mouth and your body will thank you.


Lollies may seem innocent enough, but they're a threat to the integrity of your teeth. While hard lollies can crack and chip teeth, both soft and hard lollies are full of sugar: The infamous enemy of the tooth. Sugar clings to surfaces, it feeds bacteria, bacteria releases acid, and acid eats away at teeth. If you love lollies, you might have to get used to cavities.


Coffee is acidic and it stains your teeth. However, unlike lollies, coffee does offer some health benefits: It’s good for the liver, good for diabetes, good for the heart, and it keeps you regular according to this Medical News Today article. So if you can’t kick the coffee habit for your dental health, be sure to wash down each cup with a glass of water, and feel free to try our professional home whitening kit to stop stains.


Wine is acidic, it’s sugary, it’s alcoholic, and it stains. That’s a bad combination for your teeth. While acid and sugar wear away at enamel, alcohol can dry out your mouth, providing optimum breeding grounds for bacteria. Then, once your protective enamel has been infiltrated, your teeth are as prone as ever to staining. Red wine is especially potent as a staining agent; white wine is more acidic than red.


Just like wine, beer is acidic, alcoholic, and staining. Your favorite sudsy beverage can leave your teeth prone to damage and stains, plus it can leave a bad taste in your mouth if you don’t stay hydrated. Again, wash beer down with a cup of water.

Soft drink

The sugar and acid in soft drinks may taste good, but they’re awful for your teeth. While phosphoric acid and citric acid lay waste to your enamel, sugar coats the surfaces of your mouth, making way for a bacterial metropolis. If that’s not enough, soft drinks are isharmful to your overall health as well.

Other Sugar Sources

Sugar abounds in the average Australian diet. It’s packed into condiments, and has made its way into sports drinks; you can even find it in fruit juice. Take a look at the nutritional information in the foods you purchase. If sugar is one of the top three ingredients, it may be time to switch foods.

Crunching Ice

Chomping down on an ice cube can overpower enamel, causing microcracks along the surfaces of your teeth. It can even crack or chip teeth if your teeth are already weak. Stick to sucking on ice cubes if you love a cool, healthy treat.

Using Your Teeth as a Tool

Your teeth are meant to chew food, and that’s about it. No gnawing on pencils. And certainly no popping off bottle caps. Using your teeth as vise-grips is a sure-fire way to damage enamel and injure your teeth.


Whether it’s caused by stress or it’s just a bad habit, grinding your teeth tears at enamel, and it can leave you with dental issues. If you grind your teeth while you sleep, do your best to assess the stressors in your life, and consult your dentist for solutions. If you find that you’re grinding your teeth throughout the day, be mindful of triggers, and do your best to cut back on the bad habit. Remember, you can always opt for a piece of sugar-free gum instead.

The Fix

If your teeth are cracked, sore, and sensitive, it’s time to make some changes, and it’s time for a visit to the dentist. If your teeth are simply stained, we can restore your Pearly White smile. Check out our professional, at-home teeth whitening kit, and regain a pure, Pearly White smile!

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