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World Oral Health Day

Every March 20th, people across the globe celebrate World Oral Health Day. It’s an awareness day that encourages everyone around the world to keep not just their teeth healthy but to maintain the health of their mouth as well.

The Basics of World Oral Health Day

March 20th isn’t an arbitrary date to celebrate oral health. In fact, there’s a lot of meaning behind the day. According to the World Oral Health Day website, the date was chosen to symbolize the fact that senior citizens are considered healthy if they have 20 of their own teeth by the end of their lives, everyone should have 20 baby teeth when they are kids, and adults should have 32 teeth and no cavities. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons that 3/20 is the perfect day to celebrate having a healthy mouth.

How Can You Celebrate World Oral Health Day?

There are some simple ways to hold your own World Oral Health Day celebrations, as well as some great events that are held to honor the day. If you want to celebrate with others, you should look into community events that are being held in your area. Many dental practices have special events and screenings that are held on March 20th to mark the day. For example, you could attend a lecture on oral health care hosted by the Australian Dental Industry Association.

If there isn’t anything particular scheduled in your area, here are some ideas to help you properly celebrate World Oral Health Day.

  • Schedule a dental checkup – Since the health of your mouth can be a good indicator of your overall health, it is best to get regular checkups. What better day than March 20th to schedule a visit with your dentist to ensure that your mouth and teeth are healthy. Be sure to wish them a happy World Oral Health Day while you are having your checkup!
  • Donate to a charity – There are many great charities out there that focus on oral health and helping people to get access to the dental care that they need. These charities are varied and have different purposes and visions. It is a good idea to do some research on the charity to make sure you agree with their purpose and the way they allocate the money you donate. Once you find the perfect oral health charity, you could potentially be providing someone with life changing access to a dental professional or a way to keep their mouth’s healthy all year round.
  • Refresh your supplies – You might think you are doing a decent job keeping your teeth clean, but are you really doing enough? After all, you want to keep your teeth healthy and strong for as long as possible. Things like cavities, cracked teeth, and even losing teeth can cause major pain and may even require you to get dentures in the future. Keeping your mouth healthy requires commitment and care, as well as a few simple tools. Since it is World Oral Health Day, why not go to your local pharmacy and pick out a few new supplies? Get yourself a fresh toothbrush, some floss, and maybe even a new mouthwash or rinse if you are so inclined. Often, people forget to buy new dental care equipment, and then find themselves without floss when they need it, or reusing a toothbrush until the bristles are frayed and ineffective. Equipping yourself with the tools you need to keep your mouth healthy is a great way to make sure you celebrate the holiday right.
  • Upgrade your smile – If you already have the basics down, why not go for a little upgrade? Talk to your dentist about teeth whitening solutions that are suitable for you. They can check to tell if your teeth are healthy and ready to be whitened. You could also opt for a whitening kit that you can use at home and still get professional level results. Celebrate the day by getting stunning white teeth that could boost your confidence and have you smiling for months to come!

Choose any one (or even several) of these ways to make sure your mouth is as healthy as possible. Also, it is important not to let the health of your mouth be something you only think about every March 20th and then forget about until the next World Oral Health Day rolls around. A commitment to oral health is an every day obligation, and one that you really should take seriously no matter how healthy you are or what your age is. A healthy mouth can be a way for your doctors to assess the rest of your health, so make sure you take care of those teeth and gums!

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Celebrate National Dentist Day

National Dentist Day


You may never have heard about National Dentist Day which falls on March 6th. At first, it might seem odd to celebrate this medical profession, especially as so many people unfortunately fear going into the dentist office. However, a little reflection on just how much your dentist does for you will show you how much they deserve to be acknowledged and recognized for all they do.


What Is National Dentist Day?

Becoming a dentist is a very respected career choice, and requires a lot of hard work and studying. While it might seem like being a dentist is a fairly new profession, in fact, the first dentist in recorded history was an Egyptian named Hesy Ra, who is thought to have lived and practiced his dentistry in Egypt around 2600 BCE. However, the French surgeon Pierre Fuachard, known as the “Father of Modern Dentistry” didn’t appear until 1723.


While the profession is extremely old, it has evolved greatly as time has gone on and medical technology progresses. Dentists devote their time and brainpower to developing new and improved ways to take care of our teeth.


Why Celebrate Your Dentist?

A dentist does an extremely important job. Have you ever had any tooth pain or discomfort, or oral health issues? If you have, you probably know just how painful they can be and how all you want is for the pain to go away. Who do you turn to but your friendly neighborhood dentist? Your dentist is there to help you in these emergency situations should they arise, with helpful and pain relieving medical treatments.


Dentists are also there for you when things aren’t quite so bad. Your dentist helps to make sure your teeth are healthy and when you’re young they ensure they are growing properly. If it looks like you might need braces to keep your teeth straight and prevent issues, they can refer you to an orthodontist. From the time you get your first tooth and on to the rest of your life, you rely on your dentist for guidance and assistance with all of your dental health needs. Doesn’t that deserve a bit of a celebration?


How Can You Celebrate?

For one thing, you should keep your teeth clean and healthy! Don’t give your dentist unnecessary hard work, instead, make sure they can take a bit of a well-earned break by giving them a simple job at your next checkup. Not to mention, taking especially good care of your teeth is a gift to yourself as well. Having healthy, strong teeth starts with keeping them clean.


You can also celebrate by getting yourself a special treat to help make your smile even better. A lot of people enjoy getting whitening kits or treatments to boost the dazzling white color of their teeth. That can be a great way to celebrate the excellent health of your teeth, all while praising your dentist for giving you such a healthy canvas to whiten!


If you really want to celebrate National Dentist Day, then schedule yourself an appointment this March 6th. Call your dentist’s office today to see if they can fit you in on the special day. It would be a nice gesture to get your dentist a little thank you card. After all, everyone deserves a little token of gratitude for their hard work!


Famous Dentists

Some famous (or infamous) people you might not expect were also trained dentists. Here is a list of some surprising celebrities who were also experts in the dental field.


  • Paul Revere – He did a lot more than just warn the troops about the British; Paul Revere was also a dentist! Apparently he trained under John Baker who is reported to be America’s first dentist.
  • John Henry “Doc” Holliday – Yes, he fought at the O.K. Corral, but he was also a trained dentist who practiced in Atlanta for a time.
  • Edgar Buchanan – Have you ever watched Green Acres or Petticoat Junction? Then you might be familiar with popular actor Edgar Buchanan. It seems he was a lot more than just a successful television actor, and he actually started out as a dentist.
  • Jim Lonborg – Jim was a famous baseball pitcher who played Major League Baseball for several teams in the 1960s and 1970s. After he retired from playing baseball, he went to Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and has been a practicing dentist ever since.


So as you see, it’s always worth taking a trip to the dentist. As well as ensuring your teeth are in tip top condition, you never know who you might meet!

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Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival

Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival


The Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) is a must for all trend conscious fashionista’s, and a celebration of all things fashion, paying homage to the creative, beauty and business minds behind the design world. Running annually from the 1 to 19 March, get ready for world-class runway shows, style and beauty workshops, live entertainment and industry seminars. We highlight some of our top event choices below.

It’s not too late to book your seats for the Virgin Australia Grand Showcase being held on Thursday, 16 March 2017. This Grand Showcase is a snapshot of the Festival in its entirety, along with a solo presentation year from an Australian designer; with the solo designer line up consisting of Camilla and Marc for this year. If local, new, up and coming designers are more to your taste, attend the Premium Runway 7 on Sunday, 19 March 2017.  This event will be supported by Oyster magazine, and 5 local up and coming Australian designers will be presenting their collections down the runway.


Image: Alex Coppel


If you have a keen interest in ‘fashion education’ the Fashion Festival has partnered with law firm, K&L Gates, for a Fashion Law Breakfast, on Wednesday, 15 March 2017. The specialists will be discussing brands from around the world, (examples such as, Gucci and Moschino) and their bid to protect their identities in all aspects of business.  If you are seeking to take your savvy design skills to the next level and start designing your own line, you will find this seminar to be extremely beneficial.


If you are looking for more of a personable service, and one on one advice, why not try out a styling session with Leona Edmiston? A true Australian style icon and example of a successful brand, there is no better way in which you can freshen up your look! Exclusive appointments can be made via Emporium Leona Edmiston.



Though you may be taking your man along (maybe a good idea to give him a style re-fresher?), the Fashion Festival hasn’t forgotten there needs of men’s fashion. The GQ Australia Menswear Runway will take place on Friday, 17 March 2017, with favourite designers including M.J Bale and Calibre.


The Plaza will be the place to be throughout the duration of the Fashion Festival. Offering live entertainment and a fun atmosphere, competitions and fabulous prizes, red carpet arrivals, beauty and pampering, food and drink, and fashion pop-ups, so make sure you don’t miss the Windsor Smith Pop-Up for a sneak peek into the hottest footwear for 2017.

The VAMFF is a wonderful platform to truly showcase the Australian fashion industry and celebrate up and coming designers and and the emerging talent of fashion students, as well as established brands and style icons deserving of our  respect and adoration.


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How to Make Your Teeth Whiter

Bright, white teeth can change the way you see yourself, give you confidence, and make you eager to show off your smile. So, how do you whiten your teeth? Well, in this day and age, you will be glad to know that you have a lot of options! It’s helpful to learn the difference between at-home whitening and going to your dental professional for teeth whitening.

Making the decision between home whitening and professional treatments means taking several things into consideration, as WebMD says “At-home whiteners are easy to use and relatively cheap. But if your teeth or gums are sensitive, custom-made trays that you get at your dentist's office may help you avoid irritation.”

You will also need to consider the cost of each method, and you may wish to talk to your dentist before choosing any whitening products or processes. Read on for some great options to make your smile brighter and whiter.

Whitening Your Teeth at Home

Image: healthy24x7.com

If you are interested in getting whiter teeth without leaving the house, you have lots of options to choose from. If your teeth are generally in good shape and just need a bit of a polish, then at-home whitening can be a fantastic option. As WebMD says, “There are many safe, effective, and affordable over-the-counter (OTC) products that will brighten your smile.” You just need to decide what type of treatment is best for you. Here are some common whitening products you can use at home:

  • Whitening toothpaste – Just like with regular toothpaste, these will freshen your breath, clean your teeth, and give you the extra benefit of removing your surface stains as you brush, however, dentist caution they can be abrasive and, over time, cause damage to the enamel.
  • Whitening mouthwash – If you typically use a mouthwash or mouth rinse, then this is an easy addition to your oral hygiene routine. Swapping your usual mouthwash for a whitening one will whiten your smile.
  • Whitening strips – These are a bit more expensive than the toothpastes and mouthwashes, but they typically will produce more impressive results in a shorter amount of time. Whitening strips come with gel on one side of the strip that you adhere to your teeth for the directed amount of time. Strips are a great way to get visible whitening results in a fairly short amount of time (typically days or weeks).
  • Whitening kits - A typical whitening kit may come with whitening gel, mouth guard and LED light and will provide faster results, while saving on an expensive dentist visit.
  • Whitening pens – Often the pens will contain the same whitening gel formula that is in the kits allowing you to paint it onto your teeth.

[Click here to view the Pearly Whites product range.]

Going to the Dentist for Teeth Whitening

Image: dentplex.com.au

If you are interested in fast and drastic whitening results and have a bigger budget to spend, you could consider going to your dentist for a professional whitening treatment. This method is often much more expensive than the home whitening options.

[Click here to find out how much teeth whitening costs.]

In chair or in-office whitening at the dentist gives you the benefit of professional supervision during the whitening. It’s especially a good idea if you have had dental problems or oral health issues in the past.

Take Care of Your Smile

Remember, you will need to take excellent care of your teeth in order to maintain the results. The things that made your teeth dull or yellow in the first place will degrade the results of your whitening more rapidly. It is best to avoid things that will stain your teeth to maximize your results.

[Click here to read about 10 Bad Habits that are Ruining Your Smile.]

Staying away from these problematic habits and choices will help you to maintain the smile you want and prolong the time before you need to consider whitening them again.



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Hollywood Stars and Their Pearly Whites

Image: StyleCaster

It’s awards season in Hollywood, and we’ve spent countless hours clicking through red carpet photos, coveting the haute couture looks worn by our favorite starlets. We’ve noticed that from the Golden Globes to the Oscars, every exquisite outfit has one accessory in common: dazzling white teeth. In fact, pearly whites just might be Hollywood’s favorite accessory. They’re more frequent on the red carpet than choker necklaces and designer bags. So, just how far do celebrities go to get stain-free teeth? And how can you get the same result at home without spending a fortune? We did an insanely detailed investigation and discovered celebrities favorite teeth whitening strategies from the predictable (like sipping all your drinks through a straw) to the straight up weird, to the must-try. Here’s what we found.


A Mouthwash That Gets You Drunk?

Okay, so Hollywood is full of incredibly weird beauty trends, and that includes teeth whitening methods you have never before considered. Manhattan-based celebrity dentist Jennifer Jablow DDS, who is responsible for the super-white smiles of many Victoria’s Secret models, has said that several of her clients swear by a concoction of vodka, fresh mint leaves, lemon, and cinnamon to freshen breath and prevent staining. However, this homemade mouthwash probably will not give you the results you desire, and we’ve concluded that the vodka is better left at the bar where it belongs. In the words of Dr. Jablow, it will “dry out the mouth and give more bad breath.” Next!

A Banana Peel a Day Keeps the Dentist Away

Image: melhorcomsaude

Here’s an unexpected home teeth whitening method that’s worth a try, which uses one fruit you’re almost sure to already have in your kitchen: bananas! After you enjoy your yummy, healthy snack, don’t throw away the peel. Instead, New York-based cosmetic dentists Marc Lowenberg, Gregg Lituchy, and Brian Kantor recommend taking a piece and rubbing it on your teeth, one minute on the top and one minute on the bottom. When you’re done, hold your lips open for ten minutes then brush, and voila! Your teeth are a touch whiter and protected against stains. Be warned, as with all teeth whitening regimes, you will probably have to repeat this every day for a few weeks before seeing results.

Retainers Aren’t Just For Kids

If you’ve had braces, you know that retainers are the one way to preserve the straight teeth that resulted from years of painful, expensive orthodontia. They might be annoying as heck but they work. The rich and famous know that you’re never too old to get straight teeth, just look at the ever beautiful Faye Dunaway for inspiration.

No Need to Go Pro

It goes without saying that every celebrity we see on the red carpet is crazy rich and has plenty of money to spend on the absolute best dentists in the country, taking advantage of cutting edge whitening technology. If you don’t have that kind of dough, you will be ecstatic to discover that you can get the excellent result at home without breaking the bank. There are at-home professional quality LED whitening kits on the market which don’t take much effort, cash, or know-how. You can get your own and have this teeth whitening technology at your fingertips whenever you need it.


The Power of Lipstick

Guess what? You can get the appearance of whiter teeth just by choosing the right makeup. We know that bold lips are a red carpet mainstay, and here’s one reason why. Some bold lipstick shades have the power to make your smile appear as white as freshly fallen snow. The secret is choosing a lipstick with blue undertones which will make your teeth appear whiter by contrast. If you were looking for an excuse to add to your makeup collection, here it is!


So there you have some top tips to get your smile red carpet ready, so get whitening today to get that perfect celeb look!

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